Friday, February 17, 2012

Upcycled Vintage Alphabet Block Kitchen Hanger

After seeing a bunch of projects on Pintrest using old wooden alphabet blocks I decided to make one of my own.  I ordered the blocks off of E-bay for abut $10, purchased the hooks for $6 at the hardware store and used a wood pallet from the back yard.  I plan on using this as a pot holder rack for the deli (assuming that I ever get to the point of actually opening the deli that is!)  Originally, I wanted to paint the blocks a solid blue but Matt convinced me to paint the letters darker to make it easier to see from across the counter. 

Here's how we made it.. 

First I painted the blocks and then sanded them around the edges to make them look a bit more rustic.

Next I added the back hanging bracket to the pallet while Matt prepped the blocks and pallet by pre-drilling holes.   We used an X to mark the center of the block which is where he drilled the holes.  Then we measured and spaced out holes on the board. This made it a lot easier to screw the blocks in.

Once all of the holes we're drilled we were able to screw the blocks in by hand and then nail in the hooks below each one.  The hooks I bought were actually made for bulletin boards (woops) so the nails on the back kept breaking... No big deal, I just used heavy duty glue instead. 

Here's the final look! 
(yes I know the R and O are too close together.. that's Matt's fault!)

Trying it out with crooked letters..

 I hope you like it!! See you soon

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