About Us

We come from a tight knit family of six children - so there was always something exciting going on at our house! 

Now that we're older, and some of us have moved away while others have started families of our own, it's hard to stay connected.  

We created this blog as a way for us all to create something together while staying in touch and sharing what we love to do with others. 


She is the oldest sister of SIX siblings.  She lives in a small NJ town with her husband Dave and their two beautiful daughters, Kayla and Leah.  Dana works for the family business while running her own business CrEATive Cakes and Cookies on the side.  In her "spare time" she also loves to plan parties for friends and family.


Ashley and her husband Marty just purchased their dream home in NJ (or at least it will be when their done with it!) They are taking on the huge challenge of completely renovating it from top to bottom.  As if that isn't enough work, Ashley is also a Product Manager for Macy's Merchandising Group where she has worked on several great Macy's labels including INC, Bar III and Material Girl.


Alison is the fourth child, and third girl in the family.  She lives in MA with her boyfriend Matt and their dog Huck, where she is working towards opening her very own deli within the next few months.  In the mean time she enjoys testing recipes, crafting and creating.


Tara is currently a sophomore at Ithaca College in upstate NY.  She's working towards a degree psychology which she's hoping to use to make a difference.  She's our free spirit in the family and she loves fashion, music, and being creative.

Our Family

We hope that you enjoy our site!

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