Monday, February 20, 2012

Wrap around bracelets

So lately I've been seeing these beautiful wrap bracelets everywhere!  I have a few that I bought but after seeing this tutorial from I decided to try and make some of my own - 
this is what I came up with...

 First you need to pick out your materials.  
For the first bracelet I used black leather cord, red paper string and a strand of pearls.
The second bracelet I made out of light brown suede cord, plum paper string and chain.

Start by making a loop out of the suede or leather.
(Make sure the loop is big enough to fit around the button or bolt that your going to use as a clasp)  
Next line the paper string up towards the loop and wrap it around the cord working away from the loop. 

Now you can lay the pearl strand along the cord and begin wrapping the paper string in between each cord.

This is how it looks with the chain.  As you wrap the paper string around the chain weave it into the links.  You can choose to go through every link or every other link depending on what you like.

Once the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist two or three times your 
ready to put the bolt or button on the end. 

Have fun stacking then together and wearing them with different bracelets.  The cords that I used were a little bit too thick - It would be easier to tie the bolt on with something thinner. 

I hope you have fun making this!
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