Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mason Jar Makeup Storage

This project might look a little bit tricky by I made this in 3 hours from start to finish (and that includes time to let the paint dry!)

Here's what you'll need to get started

1. Piece of scrap wood cut to size - I just used a pallet we had laying around
2. Sand paper
3. Paint and brushes
4. Hose clamps
5. Mason Jars

1. Drill with a few small bits
2. Screws

The first thing that I did was sand down the wood since pallet wood can be very rough.  Once it was all sanded and ready I started to paint.  In between coats you can get to work on the hose clamps

This was actually the trickiest part.  Your going to have to drill a small hole in the back of the hose clamp which you'll use to attach them to the wood.  I started with the smallest drill bit and using all of my strength (and crossing my fingers for luck) I was able to make the holes myself.

 The only problem was the holes were too small for the screws that I had (woops)  Luckily my boyfriend Matt came home just in time to show me how to make the holes bigger using a slightly bigger size drill bit.  =)

Next I pre-drilled some holes into the wood after measuring where I wanted my jars to be placed.  I made my holes a little closer to the top so that the jars would fit on the plank nicely.

Now you should be able to easily screw the hose rings onto the wood by hand.

(Notice I painted the sides a different color to add a little something extra!)

Now once you attach your picture hanger to the back you can put your jars into place and tighten the hose rings until the jars are secure.

Here is my final product...
I'm using the bigger jars for makeup brushes and lip glosses & small jar is perfect for tweezers and smaller brushes
I made a second one using a wider plank and I left this one natural

I love the final product!

I hope you guys try this out.. I'd love to hear all the creative ways you decide to use this project!

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