Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eggs and Feathers - Easter Wreath

Last week while we were shopping at Home Goods my mom saw this wreath and she fell in love with it 
 She was going to buy it until we looked at the price
 (which was something crazy like $35)

 I decided to try making one instead!

So I headed to Micheal's and picked up my supplies - 
Foam Wreath Form
Paper Mache Eggs
1 Package of Feathers
Some Paint 
 Total cost - $12

First I painted the wreath foam grey to help conceal any bare spots.  

For the eggs I chose different colors than the inspiration wreath because 
I wanted to brighten it up a bit

Next I attached the eggs around the wreath and the glued the feathers down to fill in the open spaces.
 I also stuck some of the bigger feathers into the foam to make them stand out more.

And there you have it - My mom got the beautiful Easter Wreath she wanted plus she saved $18!

We'd love to hear what you think about this project so please comment below!
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  1. This is such a cute spring wreath. There are so many out there on Pinterest and in blog land but I've seen nothing like this. The feathers are such a nice touch. Looking forward to catching up on y'alls posts!

  2. Pretty and thrifty! You can't beat that. The feathers are a nice touch.

  3. great copy cat project. love all the colors

  4. I like yours much better. More color just makes me happy. :D


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