Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spaghetti and Hotdog Monsters!

This is such a simple and fun meal that the kids will love to help make!

All you need are some hotdogs and spaghetti

 Cut your hot dogs into 2 inch pieces and begin sticking pieces of spaghetti through in random order (This works best when the spaghetti is broken in half)

Keep going until all of your Spaghetti Hotdog monsters and ready to cook

Pop the monsters into boiling water until your spaghetti is cooked through

Now your monsters are ready to eat! 

Serve with some butter and Parmesan cheese and enjoy!


  1. What child wouldn't love gobbling these down!

  2. How cute! My kids would get a huge kick out of that!

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  3. Hey, ladies!!!! what's up??? why no posts recently?
    I loved the hot dog monsters, I love hot dogs AND pasta, lol!
    I nominated you for a Tell me about yourself award! Great idea for a new post, eh??

  4. we made this once! SO FUN!!! was the noodle in the hot dog not cooked? That was the one problem we had :o)

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  7. Wow! New look...this is so perfect! :)

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